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The Darwin Connection


Robert DARWIN 1684 ~ 1754 married Elizabeth HILL. They had 7 children, 5 males and 2 females. The eldest was Robert Waring DARWIN who never married, and amongst the others were William Alvey DARWIN 1726 ~ 1783, John DARWIN (rector of Elston), and Erasmus DARWIN the grandfather of Charles Robert DARWIN b.12 February 1809 (1).

William Alvey DARWIN 1726 ~ 1783 married Jane BROWN at Elston, Notts on 28 October 1772. They had five children (three died as infants), William Brown DARWIN and Anne DARWIN 1777 ~ 1859.

Anne DARWIN 20 June 1777 ~ 7 April 1859 married Samuel FOX(2) at Saint Paul's Church, Covent Gardens, Westminster, London on 7 March 1799. They had six children, the eldest being Mary Ann FOX born 9 February 1800, d. 18 July 1829, Eliza Ann FOX b.18 October 1801, Emma FOX b. 25 September 1803, William Darwin FOX b. 28 April 1805(1), Frances Jane FOX b.11 November 1806, and Julia FOX b. 14 May 1809.  All the children were born at Thurlston Grange near Elvaston in Derbyshire.

Mary Ann FOX married on 11 December 1821 at Osmaston Hall near Derby, Samuel Ellis BRISTOWE b. New York on 10 March 1800, who was the grandson of Thomas BRISTOWE(3) and Mary FOSBROOKE, and the son of Samuel BRISTOWE and Eliza Ann FOX (née BANKS)(5). Mary Ann FOX was the grand-daughter of Mary BRISTOWE (sister of Thomas) who married Samuel FOX (Snr) in 1755. Mary BRISTOWE(4) married twice, the second time to Thomas BROMFIELD. Mary Ann FOX and Samuel Ellis BRISTOWE had three children, the eldest was Samuel Boteler BRISTOWE, b. 5 October 1822, then (Sir) Henry Fox BRISTOWE b. 8 May 1824, and Anna Maria BRISTOWE b. 16 June 1826.

(1) Charles Robert DARWIN and William Darwin FOX were second cousins and attended Cambridge University together. William was a naturalist and entomologist, and was instrumental in helping Charles collect and document botanical species which was to help Charles DARWIN formulate his thesis and later publish "On the Origin of the Species".

A Four Generation Darwin Family Tree - including the Fox, Galton and Wedgwood connections is available in 3 versions:-

(a) Low Resolution - 385KB - suitable for quick on screen viewing
(b) Medium Resolution - 820KB - suitable for detailed on screen viewing and printing
(c) High Resolution - 1.7MB - suitable for quality printing

(2) Samuel FOX, son of Samuel FOX and Mary BRISTOWE,(4) sister of Samuel BRISTOWE 1736 ~ 1818.

(3) Thomas BRISTOWE was the second son of Samuel BRISTOWE and Mary SAVAGE (descended from the Earl RIVERS family), and the younger brother of Samuel, Mary and Sarah. He married Mary FOSBROOKE, and their eldest son was Samuel BRISTOWE who married Eliza Ann FOX (née BANKS) who already had a daughter - Mary Ann FOX by her first marriage to Charles Gilbert FOX. This Mary Ann FOX was known in the BRISTOWE family as Mary Ann GILBERT and less formally as just "Gilbert", probably to avoid confusion with the other unrelated FOX family. She married John LESITER.

(4) Mary BRISTOWE was the eldest daughter (the other was Sarah, who married her cousin James HUTHWAITE) of Samuel BRISTOWE and Mary SAVAGE. She married firstly Samuel FOX and they had Samuel FOX(2), Elizabeth FOX, Sarah FOX (married Samuel CROMPTON) and Latitia FOX. Following the death of her first husband she married Thomas BROMFIELD and they had a daughter Mary Sophia BROMFIELD ( married 'unknown' WEST).

(5) Eliza Ann BANKS b. New York 2 July 1776 (The document which became known as the "Declaration of Independance" was formally signed in New York on the same day and "declared" two days later), married Charles Gilbert FOX, and had a daughter Mary Ann FOX (later known as Mary Ann GILBERT - or just "Gilbert"). Following the death of Charles FOX she married Samuel BRISTOWE and had a number of children, the eldest being Eliza Welby BRISTOWE, while the eldest son was Samuel Ellis BRISTOWE, and the youngest child was Julia Wilhelmina Banks BRISTOWE, who married Edward WADDINGTON of Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire.

G B Carlson, 6 October 2005

Additional information on the Reverend William Darwin Fox (brother of Mary Ann) and his work with Charles Robert Darwin (also 2nd cousins) in progressing Darwin's thesis "On the Origin of the Species" will be added in due course. Meanwhile, the links above will take you to some informative encyclopedia articles on both of their lives.

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