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For those interested in the Bristowe Coat of Arms; the first recorded use of the Arms is that published by Throsby in 1796 under a sketch of Beesthorpe Hall. It should be noted that at the time the drawing was published it was illegal to lay claim to a Coat of Arms that had not been properly granted. The Coat of Arms displayed with the Beesthorpe Hall sketch belonged to Samuel Bristowe (1736~1818), and the authorities noted were Cave, Elston, Orme, Savage, Ward, Warren and others.

Draught (or draft) artwork of the appropriate Coat of Arms generally attributed to the Brister/Bristol and Bristow families is pictured below. Remember, the shield displays the "arms" while above it is the "helm" and "crest". The "mantle" is at the discretion of the artist, and the "motto" may vary for different branches of the family. The motto displayed below these arms is that generally accepted as belonging to the Bristol/Bristow(e) families. There is some uncertainty as to the Samuel Bristowe of Beesthorpe motto, and rather than the "Vigilantibus non Dormientibus"; it may have been "Splendens et Crescens", and the English version of that motto is roughly "Shine and Grow". The reason behind the uncertainty is that in the mid 19th century a coat of arms bearing the "Splendens et Cresens" motto was painted by an artist whose heraldry work has been found in the English Midlands. Various references to the Bristowe of Beesthorpe arms state the motto was "Vigilantibus non Dormientibus", so this subject is still being investigated.

The Bristowe Arms with the motto "Splendens et Crescens" is available here.

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