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Genealogical and Associated Connections
US Flag The Bristow Association website. American Bristol, Bristow and Brister families. weblink
Descendants of Thomas (Nils Johan) Carlson of Oskarshamm, Sweden and Eliza (Schmidt) Smith. link
Descendants of Ingvold Syversen and Berthe Dyresdatter of Stange, Hedmark County & Christiania (Oslo), Norway. Photographs etc. link
Descendants of George Waddington and Martha Hatfield of Kettlethorpe Manor, Lincolnshire, England. link
Descendants of Frederick Thompson of Maldon, Essex, England and Mary Ann Bingham of Floriana, Malta. link
Descendants of John Codd and Mary Clayton of North & South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, England. link
The Families in New Zealand from 1853 link

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