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A rural Nottinghamshire village

Maplebeck is a small village about 3 miles west of Caunton in the County of Nottingham, with around twenty houses and one pub, "The Beehive Inn".   Being "off the beaten track", it is a place that many people would never think of visiting let alone take over 50 photographs in and around the village as Frank Browett did one cool overcast day in April 2004.

As of 2011, the population of Maplebeck has risen to 96, and the village now boasts a website, containing interesting information about the village and up and coming events.

The prominent feature in the village is the parish church of St. Radegund. This church, dating from Norman times, was restored in 1898, though according to Frank the existing grave stones appear to date from the 19th century. The parish registers also reveal little early history of the church and the lives of the people in the parish.


The thumb-nail photographs above are some of those taken by Frank. Larger versions can be obtained by "clicking" on the thumbs and following the links, while these and other photographs taken in and around Maplebeck can be viewed in a Slide Show.

A short description of Maplebeck and its history can be found in this extract from White's Directory of Nottinghamshire for 1853.  In the census of 1851 the population of Maplebeck Parish, covering an area of approximately 1,100 acres, was recorded as 162, and in 2004 is estimated to be only 75 inhabitants. This modern Ordnance Survey Map shows Maplebeck and a portion of Beesthorpe Hall on its eastern edge.

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