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Bristowes at Repton School

The first recorded Bristowe at Repton School was Samuel Bristowe, the eldest son of Simon Bristowe and Anne Orme of Twyford, Derbys., who was born at Twyford in 1658. He completed his education at Repton in 1675, went on to marry Bennet Botham and secondly Mary Ward, before dying at an early age in 1703.

The following Bristowes are all descended from the Samuel Bristowe recorded above.

Samuel Ellis Bristowe, the eldest son of Samuel Bristowe (1766~1846) and Eliza Ann Fox, who was born in New York on 10 March 1800 and sent to live with his great uncle Samuel Bristowe of Twyford, Derbys., entered Repton School in January 1808, shortly after his arrival in England. He went on to further his education at Cambridge University, and succeeded to the property of his great uncle at Beesthorpe, Notts and Twyford Derbys. in 1818. He was a Justice of the Peace, and a Deputy Lieutenant of both Derbyshire and a Nottinghamshire. Magistrate - died 1855.

William Bristowe, the third son of Samuel Bristowe (1766~1846) and Eliza Ann Fox, was born in New York on 11 May 1809, emigrated to England with his parents and family in 1810, and commenced his time at Repton School in August 1823. Shortly after leaving school in 1826 he joined the Army of the East India Company and died as an Ensign at Madras, due to ill health, shortly before reaching the age of 19.

Albert William Bristowe, the eldest son of Samuel Boteler Bristowe, Q.C., M.P., and Notts. County Court Judge, and Albertine E. E. Lavit, was born in London on 27 May 1858. He was at Repton from September 1871 until July 1875. Died unmarried in Arizona, U.S.A. in 1894.

Charles John Bristowe, the second son of Samuel B. and Albertine Bristowe, was born in London on 29 July 1862, and educated at Repton School from September 1875 until July 1881. The Repton School register records the following details for him:-

1st Agg P. 1881. Trinity Hall, Cambridge., Sch. Camb. Boat 1886, 87. B.A. 3rd Cl. Class. Pt.I. 1884 2nd Cl. Pt.II. Director of Education, Notts. H.O. Shire Hall, Nottingham.

He died unmarried in 1911 at the age of 48 following an operation at Nottingham General Hospital.

Frederick Edward Bristowe, the youngest son of Samuel B. and Albertine Bristowe, was born in London on 3 August 1866, and was at Repton from January 1881 until July 1884. He became an engineer, inherited Beesthorpe Hall, Notts., and died unmarried in 1930.

Both Charles and Frederick are recorded at Repton School in the 1881 Census.

Repton School has a long tradition dating back to the 16th century and further information on the school and its history can be found here.

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