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The Will of Samuel BRISTOWE Landowner of Twyford DBY and Beesthorpe NTT mentions a number of persons of both Derbys. and Notts. origins.
They are:-
Samuel FOX Nephew of Thurlston Grange, DBY, son of sister Mary and married to Anne DARWIN.
Richard WELBY of North Muskham, NTT, trustee and husband of Mary, daughter of Thomas BRISTOWE
Thomas BRISTOWE Brother (married Mary FOSBROOKE of Shardlow Hall)
Samuel BRISTOWE Nephew and son of Thomas BRISTOWE
Mary BROMFIELD of Islington, Sister (her second marriage, first to Samuel FOX.)
Sarah CROMPTON Niece and wife of Samuel CROMPTON of Derby (Banker)..."as a mark of respect, only knowing her husbands opulence, Twenty pounds for a piece of plate or a ring which she may fancy."
Elizabeth FOX Niece 30 pounds
Latitia FOX Niece 30 pounds
Mary BROMFIELD Niece 30 pounds
Mary Sophia WEST Niece. Interest from 100 pound security
Elizabeth HICKLIN Niece. Interest from 100 pound security... All these nieces are his sister Mary's daughters (I think)
Mary WELBY Niece (brother Thomas's daughter) use of 200 pounds for her life, and on her death to her son -
Richard Bristowe WELBY Great Nephew
Samuel Ellis BRISTOWE Great Nephew (Eldest son of Nephew Samuel BRISTOWE and principal benefactor.) Inherits all his estates.
Edward ABNEY of Kings Newton, DBY and Leonard FOSBROOKE of Shardlow Hall, DBY.. trustees & executors. 200 pounds each.
Simon BRISTOWE brother of Samuel Ellis BRISTOWE and next in line of inheritence.
William MASON witness
George WILLIS witness
Eliz. FOSTER witness.... I believe the signing of the Will was done at Beesthorpe Hall, NTT on 21 August 1807
William BRISTOWE and John BRISTOWE, younger brothers of Samuel Ellis BRISTOWE and Simon BRISTOWE, 1,000 pounds on attaining 23 years of age
Eliza Welby BRISTOWE, sister of brothers listed above, 500 pounds on attaining 23 years of age.
Mary Ann GILBERT of Beesthorpe, spinster and elder half sister to the BRISTOWE siblings mentioned above. (her surname was actually FOX, daughter of Charles Gilbert FOX and Eliza Ann BANKS... known at Beesthorpe as GILBERT to avoid confusion with the other FOX unrelated families. Mary Ann FOX, daughter of Samuel FOX and Anne DARWIN in 1821 married Samuel Ellis BRISTOWE - 2nd cousins. Understand the confusion!! ) - Makes affidavit in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury along with Latitia Ann FOX.

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