UK 1841 Census - showing the staff and pupils of Avon Bank school situated on Southern Lane by the River Avon and adjacent to Holy Trinity Church in the Parish of Old Stratford about 1 mile west of the Stratford-upon-Avon town centre. The Governess is Maria BYERLY, a neice of Josiah WEDGWOOD, whilst Anna Maria BRISTOWE is shown as a pupil.

Census 1841         (adults' ages reduced to nearest 5 years & born in county Y = yes, N = no)
place name age occupation where born
Avon Bank
Parish of
Old Stratford
Maria BYERLY 40 Governess N
  Jane BYERLY 40 Governess N
  Mary AINSWORTH 40 Governess N
  Alicia AINSWORTH 30 Governess N
  Annabett LYE 20 Ass. Governess N
  Susan LYE 15 Ass. Governess N
  Mademoiselle SMITH 20 Ass. Governess N (France)
  Mary ADAMS 14 Pupil N
  Rosa ADAMS 12 Pupil N
  Eleanor AMERY 12 Pupil N
  Eliza BADGER 15 Pupil N
  Mary BRIGHT 14 Pupil N
  Anna BRISTOWE 14 Pupil N
  Marianne COX 14 Pupil N
  Elizabeth COCKBURN 14 Pupil Scotland
  Alice FLETCHER 11 Pupil N
  Ann FLETCHER 9 Pupil N
  Euphemia GRAY 13 Pupil Scotland
  Charlotte HAMILTON 15 Pupil Scotland
  Harriet HUNT 15 Pupil N
  Lucy HOWE 15 Pupil Y
  Hannah HOWE 13 Pupil Y
  Louisa HITCHMAN 12 Pupil N
  Marianne JACKSON 15 Pupil N
  Fanny JACKSON 13 Pupil N
  Alice MYNORS 15 Pupil N
  Cecily MULL 14 Pupil N
  Catherine NEWBY 13 Pupil Y
  Matilda MURRAY 12 Pupil Scotland
  Louisa ORME 11 Pupil N
  Louisa PARKER 14 Pupil N
  Mary PARKER 15 Pupil N
  Marianne PHILLIPS 15 Pupil N
  Fanny PINFOLD 12 Pupil N
  Hannah ROBINS 15 Pupil Y
  Sarah ROGERS 15 Pupil N
  Augusta SOTHERN 15 Pupil N
  Louisa SOTHERN 14 Pupil N
  Mary SOTHERN 13 Pupil N
  Emily SOTHERN 12 Pupil N
  Dorotha SHARP 15 Pupil N
  Marion THOMSON 14 Pupil N
  Caroline THOMSON 13 Pupil N
  Margaret WALLACE 15 Pupil Scotland
  Harriet WHELER 11 Pupil N
  Marianne MORTIMER 40 Housekeeper N
  Charlotte EDWARDS 20 Female Servant Y
  Mary TOMKINS 30 Female Servant Y
  Sarah JARRATT 20 Female Servant N
  Sarah HOUGH 35 Female Servant Y
  Rebecca HARDYMAN 15 Female Servant Y
Public Records Office Reference RG7 Piece 107/ Folio 1126 / 10